It's difficult for me to explain what I do with BKPR. When I start a track, I don't know if it's going to have three instruments or thirty. I don't know if it'll be four minutes or twenty. I don't know if it's going to be a slowly developing mass of drones or if I'm just going to pound on your ear for awhile. When I start a BKPR track, I record one sound, and then another. I tweak each one excessively, adding effects and chopping them up to do things my cheap equipment can't do alone. After about an hour of this, it becomes clear where everything goes, and how the piece is going to pan out. Lately, what I end up with is a reverb-drenched combination of ambience, field recordings, and overly heavy bass interspresed with quick bursts of cut-up noise.
This project is becoming less important as I spend more time on Verdant, but expect to see a couple more releases in the near future, and maybe a return in a couple years.